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About Us

J.D Cleaning Services

Serving the West Midlands.


We specialise in apartment block communal area cleaning.


We pride ourselves on our excellent standards and have transformed previously unkept communal spaces into spotless, litter free areas.

We regularly receive compliments from residents who have noticed the considerable difference we've made to their homes.

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Litter picking of all indoor and outdoor spaces, including all green areas and dense bushes.

  • Sorting of communal bins to ensure general and recyclable waste is not mixed.

  • Entrance door, woodwork, pillars, columns, signage or outdoor lighting washed down and cleaned.

  • Vacuuming of communal hallways, stairs, and landings using high powered Dyson hoovers.

  • Skirting board, banisters and wooden/glass balustrades cleaned and polished.

  • Windows cleaned internally and externally, providing there is access from internal landings.​

communal stairwell

"JD Cleaning have been cleaning the communal staircases and windows for over a year. The cleaning has always been of the highest standard, and all residents have openly expressed how very happy they are with the quality of work. We thank you for all your commitment and look forward to continuing working with you".
Ian Martin (RTM Co-ordinator)

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